Sunday, December 27, 2009

Justyn & Hannah with Santa!

I was really surprised Hannah didn't even flinch when she saw him , went right on up to him hopped on his lap. They are getting so darn big!

Where did the time go? I mean it was just thanksgiving,then justyn's 9Th birthday, Christmas and now we are heading into a new year. I cant believe it is going to be 2010...Life sure doesn't slow down at all. I am so thankful for the life God has given me. And i defiantly need to stop and check it out once in a
Christmas was great, we had family and friends to celebrate it with. And of course lots of yummy food to go with it.
So do I have any new years resolutions? No i think I am the first one to admit, I am so not good at sticking with the plans I So i am going to take it one day at a time. And thank the lord for each day I am here to enjoy it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I took the kinds to the Springs preserve last night. My mother and father in law met us there to join in the festivities. They were having a haunted harvest. It was so much fun, they had games, and safe trick r treating for the kids.
It was all decorated with scar crows and lights and scary spiderwebs and fake dead people. They also had a little show going on it was cute, kids preformed songs like walking with a dead man over my shoulder, yeah haven't heard that song in a while. I still like and then Elmo and cookie monster showed up and Hannah was loving that. She was wiggling along to the songs, what a ham!

Good thing we have a BB gun at home I did awesome with the shooting game scored lots of candy for the
Needless to say The kids had a lot of fun, Think we will mark it down for next year. Ok ok i had a little fun as well..
Here are some pictures from last night...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Well this summer Justyns school principal gave me a call. Was a little nervous as to why she would be calling me. But it ended up being a great thing. Since Obamah passed this stimulus thing it made justyns elementary school a title one school. Forgive me if i am not saying it right i am not into politics...But anyway it gave his school more money to add in a few new positions and more money for the school to i guess spend on supplies etc. So in that happening they needed a cafeteria aid, someone to watch the kids and direct lunch traffic. It is a 2.5 hour job five days a week, and the principal thought i would be perfect for the job. I mean i am already there half the time anyways. I like to go help justyns teacher out with art projects and stuff, I love it. So i took the job..wooohoo.
With that also came along another opportunity, Hannah was able to enroll in the schools special ed. class as a mentor child for the kids with delayed speech and learning disabilities. Which is awesome, free preschool and Hannah gets to help other kids learn. Yeah!! So the other day was her fist day of school and she was so excited about it. She doesn't quite understand she gets to go Mon - Thurs yet but she likes it.
Today she got her own folder with important papers in it like her big brother. She said it was her home work.

She loves her teacher and is making friends. I love it.

Wes and I took the kids (and dukester) to the lake for an over night trip. We had such a wonderful time, although the heat was a killer for me at.least.
Sunday night we were able to do a little night fishing, Justyn caught this huge cat fish, and daddy caught one as well. It was funny justyn kept tell wes his fish was bigger than his. You know rubbing it in a little. LOL

I caught a tiny fish by accident though. I was playing around and dunking the pole into the water and the stupid baby fish decided it wanted a ride on the line, so i hooked it. We kept him in with the Minos for a while until he escaped and went back home.

Hannah fell in the lake and scared me half to death, had to dive in after her clothes and all. We recovered and went back to camp changed and started the hot dogs and burgers.
I think next time i am going to make her wear her life vest the whole time we are there, i don't need another heart attack.

Here are some pictures of the great weekend

Sunday, August 30, 2009

When we wne to fresno in july the kids got to experiance some real good home grown food. Gran took us to the local collage where they grow there own corn, grapes and tomatoes. They also make there own ice cream, cheese, yougurt and have fresh milk. Along with that they have what looks to be some grade A beef cuts. The kids got to shuck the corn and they thought they were like real farmers or something. And boy it was the best tasting corn i have ever had. I dont think i am going to be able to have just regular corn from now on.

over the weekend my pops took justyn and i to a locals only farmers market, My eyes were amazed and my taste buds were in heaven. I fell in love with the market, wish we could have this great varitey of wonderful fruit and veggies in vegas. Pluots, artic queen nectarines, and alot of other wonderful fruit i have never experianced. Hier loom tomatoes with such vibrant colors. And to top it off some beautiful looking gerber daisy's and hydrangia's.
Over the summer i took the kids bowling. Boy did they have fun, i can remember when I would go when I was living in cali. We would got to rock n bowl. My friends and I would make up fake names and be all silly, so i thought i would share that with them and they thought it was funny. Hannah had a great time she thought she was hot stuff, althought it took her ball and hour to get to the other end, since they didnt have any of those things to help the little kids out. So we would all sit and wait. It was like slow...motion. and then when her ball would hit like one pin she would skreatch with excitement...

just a few pictures of the other family members in our hom, Hannah with Dukester, sandy and dukester with his fashionable leigh on...

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