Sunday, August 30, 2009

When we wne to fresno in july the kids got to experiance some real good home grown food. Gran took us to the local collage where they grow there own corn, grapes and tomatoes. They also make there own ice cream, cheese, yougurt and have fresh milk. Along with that they have what looks to be some grade A beef cuts. The kids got to shuck the corn and they thought they were like real farmers or something. And boy it was the best tasting corn i have ever had. I dont think i am going to be able to have just regular corn from now on.

over the weekend my pops took justyn and i to a locals only farmers market, My eyes were amazed and my taste buds were in heaven. I fell in love with the market, wish we could have this great varitey of wonderful fruit and veggies in vegas. Pluots, artic queen nectarines, and alot of other wonderful fruit i have never experianced. Hier loom tomatoes with such vibrant colors. And to top it off some beautiful looking gerber daisy's and hydrangia's.

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