Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Well this summer Justyns school principal gave me a call. Was a little nervous as to why she would be calling me. But it ended up being a great thing. Since Obamah passed this stimulus thing it made justyns elementary school a title one school. Forgive me if i am not saying it right i am not into politics...But anyway it gave his school more money to add in a few new positions and more money for the school to i guess spend on supplies etc. So in that happening they needed a cafeteria aid, someone to watch the kids and direct lunch traffic. It is a 2.5 hour job five days a week, and the principal thought i would be perfect for the job. I mean i am already there half the time anyways. I like to go help justyns teacher out with art projects and stuff, I love it. So i took the job..wooohoo.
With that also came along another opportunity, Hannah was able to enroll in the schools special ed. class as a mentor child for the kids with delayed speech and learning disabilities. Which is awesome, free preschool and Hannah gets to help other kids learn. Yeah!! So the other day was her fist day of school and she was so excited about it. She doesn't quite understand she gets to go Mon - Thurs yet but she likes it.
Today she got her own folder with important papers in it like her big brother. She said it was her home work.

She loves her teacher and is making friends. I love it.

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