Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wes and I took the kids (and dukester) to the lake for an over night trip. We had such a wonderful time, although the heat was a killer for me at.least.
Sunday night we were able to do a little night fishing, Justyn caught this huge cat fish, and daddy caught one as well. It was funny justyn kept tell wes his fish was bigger than his. You know rubbing it in a little. LOL

I caught a tiny fish by accident though. I was playing around and dunking the pole into the water and the stupid baby fish decided it wanted a ride on the line, so i hooked it. We kept him in with the Minos for a while until he escaped and went back home.

Hannah fell in the lake and scared me half to death, had to dive in after her clothes and all. We recovered and went back to camp changed and started the hot dogs and burgers.
I think next time i am going to make her wear her life vest the whole time we are there, i don't need another heart attack.

Here are some pictures of the great weekend

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